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April 01, 2022

3 major benefits of an internship

– Associate

Many college students entering their second year of college are beginning to wonder about the benefits of an internship. I am a current intern and college student, and I found myself wondering these questions just a couple of months ago. I had been told that internships are only meant to help build your resume, but through my experience, I have realized the extended benefits of internships. So, if you’re questioning internships, here are some benefits that may encourage you to get one.

1: Resume Building: Yes, as I stated before, this is the one benefit that everyone seems to reiterate. Though this is a basic benefit, it is a vital one. No matter what your future career path is, there will always be competition. Having an internship on your resume depicts your initiative with working in your field and will set you apart from others.

2: Experience: This benefit may also seem like a no brainer, but the experience you gain from an internship is unmeasurable. Beyond just gaining experience to put on your resume, you are in depth learning how to work in the field, giving you more insight than what you can study. This experience comes from asking questions, working with clients and learning from leaders in the field.

3: Connections: NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK. A diverse, broad network is essential for your professional career. Make as many quality connections as possible before graduation so you can begin your career on the right foot. Having an internship allows you to meet industry professionals and clients who will be there for support in the future. No matter what industry you are pursuing, you need to have credibility and connections, which can be found through an internship.

Though you can get each of these benefits individually through other activities while in college, an internship allows you to gain all of them. Internships aren't a necessity but if you are thinking about an internship, you should do it. Trust me, as a fellow student intern, it’ll be worth it.


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