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Jones PR's Winning Team

    • ▶ Brenda worked for President Reagan
"I have known Brenda for 30 years and do not know anyone better when it comes to strategy and communications."
– Fred J. Hall, Chairman and CEO, Hall Capital

Brenda Jones Barwick, APR

President and CEO

    • ▶ In 2012 Mick was named one of the five most innovative mayors in the United States by Newsweek
    • ▶ Mick served as president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors from 2016-2017
    • ▶ Cornett was ranked as the 25th greatest leader in the world in Fortune Magazine’s 2018 list of the ”World’s 50 Greatest Leaders”

Mick Cornett

Executive Counsel

    • ▶ Graduated from College with a B.A. at the age of 20
    • ▶ Enjoys gardening when she has a bountiful harvest
    • ▶ Graduated from Moore High School with Toby Keith
"Beverly has done a great job of keeping the operations of Jones PR effective and timely."
– Dave Selliman, RSM US LLP

Beverly Hedges

Vice President

    • ▶ Was a national solo & team competitive dancer for 16 years
    • ▶ Once appeared on the Richard Simmons’ (yeah, that one) talk show, “Dream Makers”
"Taylor has been working with our communications team for two seasons now and we appreciate her ability to jump in and start co-creating solutions for upcoming big announcements. She brings new ideas and her passion for Oklahoma City is easy to spot"
– Jeff Kretchmar, COO for OKC Energy FC

Taylor Ketchum, APR

Vice President

    • ▶ Worked on a regionally televised, instructional art program as a teen
    • ▶ Known as Cinema Sue, she wrote a featured movie and entertainment review column for Hillzoo.com while working in DC
    • ▶ Danced aboard the presidential yacht

Suzanne Singleterry

Vice President

    • ▶ Chris has a cat named Pigeon.
    • ▶ He sometimes wears Stormtrooper armor from Star Wars.

Chris Street

Creative Director

    • ▶ Spent a month in Tokyo, Japan.
    • ▶ Gilles and his wife were awarded a free wedding through a local contest.
    • ▶ Can do a funny Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.

Gilles Weingart

Assistant Creative Director

Lillian Meador

Graphic Designer

Cory Cart, APR

Senior Communications Strategist

    • ▶ Ashley has hiked to the top of Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano in Italy.

Ashley Glass

Director of Account Services

    • ▶ Carolyn has two dachshunds she adores, Mocha and Muffin
    • ▶ She played competitive soccer for eight years
    • ▶ She hiked the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park

Carolyn Taylor

Account Executive

Kristen Fine

Account Executive

    ▶ Sarah’s favorite city is Portland, Oregon

    ▶ She is a trained cake decorator

    ▶ She has visited the state of Colorado roughly a dozen times

Sarah Robason

Account Executive

Taylor Lawrence

Digital Media Manager

    ▶ Taught English in China at an elementary school for a month

    ▶ Has gone skydiving

    ▶ Big Marvel fan

    ▶ Visited Spanish Wells, Bahamas four times in one year

Addie Maze

Account Coordinator

    She used to work at Chuck E. Cheese as the mascot

    When she lived in California,
    she traveled everywhere by skateboard

Phinina Corey

Account Coordinator

Melvin Burch

Native American Counsel