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December 21, 2021

2022 Goal Setting and Planning

Taylor Ketchum – Vice President

Setting goals is typical business behavior for business owners and leaders. But what is just as typical is that those goals tend to fizzle out by the end of January. Therefore, it is vital to set your goals with action steps listed under each of them, rather than just setting ambitious goals and hoping they will just “magically happen.”

Sit down and reflect on what three steps you need to take to move the meter, then set a time on your calendar for a three-month, six-month and nine-month check-in to reflect on where you are on those goals.

What types of goals should you set?

  • Tangible goals make it to where you can see the results.
  • Accountability-based goals ensure you are working with others toward a common goal. This is where the whole team is aware of and striving for the same goal. Better yet, share it with your leadership so discussions are brought up frequently where the team can reflect on where the company or business is in connection to reaching the goal.
  • Stretch goals make you want to keep going. Set goals that will be a “stretch,” or challenging, to achieve, but you know what they could mean for your business or team. These can be personal goals, but write them down and still take the time to decide what tangible steps must be taken to reach these stretch goals.

Good luck in 2022 — here is to another year!


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